Hellfire Bay Hot Sauce

At Hellfire Bay Sauce in Australia we have created a great line of hot sauces to cater to a larger range of customers. We have something for everyone from the everyday person to people who love the hotter heat and flavour of Habanero chilli. We bring the “heat” to Western Australia!

We grow multiple plants including cayenne, habanero, jalapeno, and Thai birds’ eye plants. All our plants are treated with care and natural garden solutions to help them grow strong. 

Any of our sauces can be used as a base sauce to any dish to enhance character and flavour. They have no artificial colours or flavourings, and are gluten and preservative free. All Hellfire Bay Hot Sauces are handcrafted with the finest ingredients, many grown in our own backyard and they blend together in harmony to make this sauce dance with flavour before it brings the heat! 

Available for purchase at BJ’s Fruit & Veg.

Phone: 0419 467 023