Explore Esperance

Esperance’s most renowned feature is its magnificent beaches, the coastline acclaimed for having some of the whitest beaches in Australia.

Southern Right whales migrate along the Esperance coastline between June and October with whales and their calves frequenting sheltered coves can often be seen from the shore and the many beach paths.

Esperance’s Pink Lake (in town) unfortunately isn't as pink as it used to be. These days more of a 'blush', however, the other veeeery pink lake is Lake Hillier, Middle Island. This can be seen by fixed wing, helicopter or boat tours, which generally only run peak holiday season.

Explore The Great Ocean Drive, this spectacular tourist loop stretches 38kms; allowing for a scenic tour of local highlights along the coastline. Outstanding stop off locations include the Rotary Lookout, West Beach, Blue Haven and Twilight Beach.

There are 5 national parks situated around Esperance. each is unique, yet all share common elements, including the prestigious coastline, tranquil bushwalks, and the beautiful surrounding fauna and flora. Located 48km from the centre of Esperance is The Cape Le Grand National Park with its massive granite peaks where the friendly kangaroos at Lucky Bay can be seen lazing on the luminescent beaches - a must see.


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