Cannery Arts Quiz: Which Element Are You?

Cannery Arts Quiz: Which Element Are You?

We bet we can predict which of the Elements artists you will love the most.

Author: Jesse McCarthy-Price
Published: April 18, 2017

In case you missed the opening, the Cannery Arts Centre is currently exhibiting a collection of works by four local artists called Elements.

Working across four different mediums, Eiméar O’Connor, Will Creed, Jason Wooldridge and Tammy Andrews have synchronised to present a unique exhibition that explores relationships between the local environment, people and history.

The artists’ styles can be respectively linked to the four elements—wind, water, fire and earth—thus the exhibition’s name, and its biggest charm. Because while you’ll no doubt have favourite pieces across the room, there’s always one artist/element you identify with most.

Answer the questions to find out which one, then be sure to head to the Cannery (to see if we were right!) before the exhibition closes Monday 24 April.

What was your favourite subject in school?

A) English Lit

B) Outdoor Ed

C) Maths

D) History

Of the following superpowers, which would you prefer?

A) Ability to shape shift

B) Ability to fly

C) Ability to control the weather

D) Ability to transform into an animal

When you visit Coffee Cat, what do you like to order?

A) You like to mix it up

B) The banana smoothie for sure

C) A flat white

D) Some English Breakfast to sip by the foreshore

What’s your ideal holiday getaway?

A) Paris is always a good idea

B) The Maldives

C) Camping with the family at Karijini

D) A cosy holiday house in Denmark for a winter retreat

Which of these famous men do you admire most?

A) Johnny Depp

B) Mick Fanning

C) Hugh Jackman

D) Bob Dylan

What do you look for most in a partner?

A) A vibrant personality

B) A good sense of humour

C) Loyalty and kindness

D) Intelligence and business sense

How do you like to stay fit?

A) No Lights No Lycra

B) Laps at the Bay Of Isles Leisure Centre

C) You’re always staying active doing jobs around the house

D) Yoga


Mostly A’s: Wind

You’re as unpredictable as can be. Sometimes calm and other times a force to be reckoned with, you don’t like to do things in moderation and that is why you are loved by all. You’re most likely drawn to Eimear O’Connor’s glass blown pieces, which like you, are delightfully delicate, full of emotional substance and definitely not to be messed with. The exhibition closes Monday 24 April—don’t miss out on your chance to see it!

Mostly B’s: Water

You’re an adventurer at heart and you try to live in the present. You love nature and the outdoors, and that is why you’ll love Will Creed’s wave photography the most. Capturing Esperance’s breathtaking coastline, Will’s perfectly-timed artwork will reaffirm your love for life in all its unpredictable glory. The exhibition closes Monday 24 April—don’t miss out on your chance to see it!

Mostly C’s: Fire

You’re tough and resilient and people admire you for your work ethic and your loyalty. With a strong spirit and a love for your family, you make people feel safe around you, though you can seem a little intimidating from the outset. But we all know you’re actually a big softie, and that’s why you’re going to love Jason Wooldridge’s sculptures, which combine tough materials with delicate subjects. The exhibition closes Monday 24 April—don’t miss out on your chance to see it!

Mostly D’s: Earth

Earth people are our resident house cats. You’re mostly introverted, but people relish your company because of your wisdom and wickedly dry sense of humour. You’re very observant, have a curious mind and like to stay informed, and that is why you will love Tammy Andrews’ work. Thoughtful and skilfully executed, Tammy keeps her standards high, and so do you. The exhibition closes Monday 24 April—don’t miss out on your chance to see it!

Photography credit: Jampal Williamson