Bach & Beer

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Lucky Bay Brewing

This concert series has been curated by Robin Hillier baroque flute. Here is what he has to tell you about it!

Don’t doubt us on this one, there is more to this than just alliteration, honestly. Are you more certain of your love for an artisanal ale than you might be for the fertile genius of a certain 18th century composer? (fertile is a key word here, he had 20 children…). Well friends, you can have your pastry stout and eat it at Bach and Beer.

In Bach’s day, composers and musicians weren’t pampered, superstar artistes, they were considered craftsmen who produced worthy entertainment with their hands. Bach was confident in his ability, but his compositions served practical purposes at coffee shops, state events or in church. Indeed, while those in the know appreciated Johann Sebastian’s talents, he did not receive the kind of adulation that a craft brewmaster does today at your local meet-the-brewer event.

At Australian Baroque we appreciate the melange of fruit and tropical esters in a hazy IPA as much as Bach’s mastery of mixed national styles and we want to share. Not in the sterile concert hall, but with our feet firmly planted on the ground of a brewhouse (trust us, Germany approves). You get great craft beer, fresh from the source and served as the maker intended along with a captivating taste of Bach’s best, also served as intended on the instruments of Bach’s day.

You’ve probably already heard Bach on a film, used in an ad or on the radio, but you will hear it anew as your taste buds and ears awaken in this unique, laid-back experience. Discover musical masterpieces with a beverage in hand.

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