Nature & Parks

Cape Arid National Park

Cape Arid is the perfect outback escape, with beautiful wildflowers and vegetation, vast stretches of beach with white sand and crystal clear waters, you can camp under the stars on the beach and spend the day fishing, surfing, four-wheel driving, hiking or just laying in the sun.

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Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand is known for it's breathtaking scenery and picturesque beaches where you can go swimming, rock climbing, bushwalking, surfing, fishing, and camping.

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Frenchman Peak

Frenchman Peak is located within the amazing Cape Le Grand National Park.

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Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is located on Middle Island which is a protected island off Cape Arid national park.

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Woody Island

Woody Island is an island located 15 kilometres from Esperance and is one of 100 islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago.

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