Merve Guide: New Year’s Cleanse

Merve Guide: New Year’s Cleanse

New year, new you.

Author: Sarsby Martin
Published: January 09, 2019

We’re all getting back into the swing of things this month. We’d like to think ‘cleansing’ is just a matter of throwing around good mojo, burning sage til your eyes water and tempting yourself to a collagen mask once or twice a week, alongside a few uplifting youtube videos on David Attenborough and your best bet to save the turtles. Yes, do all of these desirable things, but do know, to make any radical impact we have to work with a blank canvas and start fresh.

Clearly, there’s more to it and here you have it. Priority: knowing what has accumulated before ridding yourself of clutter and leaving with the essentials, a better frame-of-mind, some respect for the body you were born with and a sanctuary you can comfortably call ‘home’. This is not a fitness regime to follow but if you like, you can recite this whole article in an Aretha Franklin “Respect” kind of tone. Whatever works for you.


We all have big heads. It’s not a matter of size and shape. It rolls back and forth across our shoulders by the hour with a little voice inside it dictating the speed and whether we choose to make most of our day. Depending on your mood, despite the weather, our noggin’s can weigh as little as an inflated balloon or can stick out like a lead one. We can all be a bit of an eye-sore and despite our strong efforts to have a floral summer wardrobe or drown ourselves in aftershave, we’re no better than the person standing next to us or the chip you carry around on your shoulder. Looking like a sh*t-stick and being able to follow-through with tasks is yep, all down to your frame-of-mind. Keeping a clear head reciprocates. A chain effect–we can be the best person for ourselves and others by cherishing our values and thought patterns. That’s why we recommend reiki. Good friend and champion in the trade, AJ Stewart-Vibart is so good her hands. Note: it doesn’t have to be for everyone but we can vouch for reiki’s profound positive effects. You don’t have to practice anything or go barefoot either. Sacrifice a solid hour or two out of your day for your head. Reiki has been clinically proven effective for multiple medical conditions. 


Our body is the vessel we use to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’. Long showers at the end of the day can only relieve so much of the stress we put our frame through throughout the week. Look after yourself. We’re not puppets so think about greasing up your joints with a little CLR, take your bod to B Naturally You. Sarah and her incredibly talented team are also good with their hands. Book yourself in for a consultation if you’re unsure what your physique is craving. There’s a remedy or massage for every sportsman or woman, homebody, office-worker or a general go-getter. Again, sacrifice a couple of hours out of your day to be able to add a few more on. Bronte had the opportunity to suss out The Beauty Chef. Full of organic prebiotics and probiotics, you’ll find yourself glowing from the inside out. Your health, glowing skin and mood are strongly dictated by what you eat. The Beauty Chef is not a fad diet and can be tailored, beneficial to those who suffer from stress, weak sleeping patterns to acne issues or wicked mood swings. Walk into B Naturally You today and the girls will happily talk you through their products and routines to follow.


Once you’ve mastered a better frame of mind and you’ve optimized your body’s general health, it’s great to have a comfortable environment to sustain both in. Take some further time to rearrange your furnishings to better suit the activities you find yourself and your family regularly doing. Either remove or move the hurdles and speed bumps. Make more room for the important things. Down at Naturally Esperance, Annie has a wide variety of natural and organic assorted oils and fragrances to get your dwelling smelling amazing. Sentimental, once you start complimenting the jobs with your favourite aromas. Out of habit, things become easier to do. With regularity comes conformity, but in a good way. Once you are comfortable in your now own tailored environment and home, your regular jobs are churned over quicker leaving you with more time at the end of each day for you and your family to spend time together. What may seem an ordinary activity can turn into something adventurous. Everyone is confident with their choices and how they navigate their day as soon as the sun rises to the time they decide to hit the hay. Work on your place.

Cover pic: @vinniepreston

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