Your Gift Guide To Valentine’s Day In Esperance

Your Gift Guide To Valentine’s Day In Esperance

Because as stupid as the day may be, you know you're going to buy something anyway.

Author: Jesse McCarthy-Price
Published: February 03, 2017

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Valentine’s Day in Esperance. It’s a day we all like to avoid - definitely if you’re single - but also because we can all agree it’s become a stupid American holiday promoted by Hallmark.

Yet the day creeps up, and suddenly we’re spurred into action, by romantic feeling or (more likely) guilt, to do something special for our special someone.

There’s always the safe option - flowers, chocolate, dinner at the [Loose] Goose - but we’ve come up with a few other options to keep things interesting for you both.

So for all the unorganised romantics of Esperance, here are the best last minute gift ideas (because you know you’re going to end up buying something anyway).


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Staycation at Esperance Chalet Village

Why not treat yourselves to a weekend away, without having to venture further than Frank Freeman Drive? Think; lazy mornings, bike riding, kayaking and feeling a million miles away from reality. For an indoors kind of girl, consider Clearwater Motel Apartments, a short stroll from the town-centre dinner date destination of your choice. Either way, these are the type of win-win gifts that you both benefit from.

Tea set from Naturally Esperance

Start the day special by making her breakfast in bed, including a brand new cup and saucer from Naturally Esperance. Their range is small but sweet (meaning you won’t spend an hour trying to decide which one to get) and you can top up on their T2 tea range. Madagascan Vanilla, Blue Mountain and Melbourne Breakfast are our top picks.

Pedicure at Azu're or massage from Esperance Truly Natural Beauty

Not the most original idea, but still one of the best. Treat her to something relaxing like a full body massage, or a service she’s always wanted to try, like eyelash extensions. If beauty salons aren’t really her thing, try a hair treatment from her preferred salon. Be careful about which service you select for her - massages and mani/pedis are a fabulous idea, but waxing is not, you jerk.

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Jewellery from Woven, Kioo (available at Innertube) and Flame

Jewellery is a meaningful gift that’s often avoided because it’s kinda expensive and you’re scared she’s going to hate it. But fear not, Esperance has a great range of gorgeous jewellery that won’t blow your budget, and lasts much longer than a bunch of flowers. Make a mental note of her preferred metal - sterling silver, gold or rose gold. Lots of brands now use “gold filled” material, which is much cheaper than solid gold but lasts way longer than plated. This season’s chains should be short and very fine. Hearts are cute, stars are cool.

A Woody Island eco tour for the thrill seekers

Want to show your wife/girlfriend how much you adore her but don’t want to just buy her “more junk”? Treat her to the revived Woody Island eco tours while the weather is still nice. Snorkel, picnic, jump off Deadmans, stroll to Skinny Dip Bay and enjoy.


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A Jaimen Hudson print

Can you go wrong with one of these beauties? Jaimen’s prints come in a variety of colours, sizes and prices. Pick a shot of the beach he loves most and it will be a gift he keeps forever.

A new set of fins, or something

If he’s a surfer or skater, get him something he actually wants and will use from Innertube. Talk to Harlan for the latest and the greatest if you have no idea what suits his needs. If you’re still not sure, play it safe with a new hat, a beach towel, or that tee he’s been eyeing off. Wrap it up with some of those chocolate love hearts and you’ll be set.

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A traditional cut throat shave or beard trim

Even if it's not his usual style, the traditional cut throat shave is something all men should try at least once, to channel their inner Robert De Niro in The Untouchables. Rick at Dempster Street Barber Shop deliverers a professional and experienced service and if the clean shave seems a bit risky, super neat beard trims and stylish haircuts are also on offer.

An abalone or recreational fishing license

Thoughtful, practical and could stop him from getting into lots of trouble if he gets caught without one. These awesome presents are purchased online through the Department of Fisheries, and can be printed out and popped in a frame or cute handmade card while you wait for his wallet-sized license card to arrive in the mail.

Lingerie from InsideOut

No, we’re not suggesting a male g-string or the ol’ socks and jocks. Let’s face it, all boys really want for Valentine’s Day is to feel loved. Deck yourself out in something sexy, light some candles, find a good Spotify playlist and make it a Valentine’s Day he won’t forget. It’s cheesy, but he’ll love it. Trust us.

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