Mindful Merve: Top 4 Tips For Meditation

Mindful Merve: Top 4 Tips For Meditation

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Author: Esperance Tide
Published: March 06, 2018

Cars roaring past, kids screaming, lawn mowers mowing, dogs barking, mortgage repayments, overdue rates, relationship drama. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much ambient music you play, the brain just won’t calm down. Enter meditation: the fine art of nothingness. We all know what it is, but not many of us are good at it or even make any time for it at all. But now, as the mindfulness movement sweeps through popular culture, the merit of meditation is finally being widely recognised. Scrub up on your zen prowess with these top tips.

Time short? Sit for two minutes

You’re busy, you’re flustered, but it’s not like you couldn’t possibly bring yourself to take 120 seconds out of your day. It will seem ridiculously easy to begin with, perhaps too easy, but if you just commit to two minutes per day and gradually build up, you will start looking forward to the clarity that comes from that tiny time out. First thing in the morning will probably work best.

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Don’t worry

Reminder: you don’t need a kitted out yoga den or a latest season Lululemon outfit to meditate. Do it on the couch, your bed, sitting on the beach—don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re also going to worry you’re not doing it right, which is a thought process we all have sometimes. Don’t worry about that either, just be glad you’re actually taking the time to give it a go.

Realising stuff

It’s not all about a blank mind, you are actually allowed to think. Some useful processes may involve counting your breaths or doing a mental body scan to assess your inner situation that day. Don’t ignore your feelings, especially the bad ones—acknowledge the emotions you may be feeling, but try to greet them with kindness and rationality. Meditation is all about getting to know your own mind. Be kind to yourself.

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Need help?

Remember the brain is allowed to wander, but try to recentre any awry thought processes with a smile and a return to focusing on your breathing. If it’s still not working out for you, you may wish to try out guided meditation—whether that’s of the pre-recorded type or through one of Esperance’s many yoga studios. Like anything, meditation is all about practise, and the only way is up.

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